Life Gets In the Way, or, Fiddling While Rome Burns

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Today I am trying to figure out how to draw in spite of my crazy anxiety about how much I have to do in my life and for the business (  And after I typed that sentence I thought, “To hell with that!” and went into the sunroom (studio, such as it is) and finished the picture I’d started at the last Sundial Still Life Sunday.   Here’s what I got done during that Sunday session:


(Yeah, not much for a few hours, but I’m still quite anxious about making things OK since I’m hosting.)  I was convinced that because I’d gotten so little done, that it wasn’t worth trying to finish it.  Also, I was still feeling fairly lackluster that Sunday, after the month-long plague I had just started getting over, so I again did a very small picture, about 6″ x 4″.  Not my forte doing small things.

But what has kept me out of the sunroom/studio for nearly all of the three weeks was the enormous weight of what I currently have to do.  I am so overwhelmed right now that I find myself completely frozen, doing nothing, making my anxiety even deeper.  But today I decided to fiddle while Rome burns.  For an hour or two I didn’t feel the heat or smell the smoke.



The result is not a masterpiece; that there’s no tooth to the paper doesn’t help!  I can see a few places I should tweak if I brush off the pastel that’s there a bit and see if more will stick.  But I did it.  Thank you, Nero and Jeannette, for the inspiration of just motoring through and not over-thinking.

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