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It’s time once again to start thinking about running in the dead of the Massachusetts winter!  (On December 3rd this year.)  This is my second annual Hot Chocolate Run.  (Amazingly it went on for the first twelve years without me!)   Part of my motivation for signing up is to keep myself running through the winter, but a huge factor is to support Safe Passage, a local organization that provides counseling, shelter, legal help, and more to victims of violence.   In this time of feeling so helpless to do anything at all about rising hate and violence, I can at least do this.

So, yes, I am asking for donations.  Please go to my Hot Chocolate Run fundraising page to make a donation.

Why am I posting this in the creativity category?  Because I won’t be able to do anything at all that’s creative unless I keep myself healthy and unless, somehow, I can counteract the angst and feelings of helplessness from what’s going on in the country right now.  Running helps, and the knowledge that I’ll be in the Hot Chocolate Run in a couple of months had me even get out in 50 or so degrees and the rain yesterday.


I raised $610 last year and I’m hoping to raise at least that much, hopefully at least $700 this year.  Again, at least I can do this.  Here I am last year after the race.  I felt like I was flying at the end, where Main Street is a bit downhill, until I saw the video Jim took.  I’m still trying to banish reconciling that reality with the fleet-of-foot Chariots of Fire glory I was feeling!  But I did it, and, for me, in record time.



Unfortunately, domestic violence is on the rise in Massachusetts this year, so it is a time of great need for support for those giving counseling, shelter, legal help, and more to victims of violence.  Here is an exerpt from a Boston Globe story from September 27:

Vanessa MacCormack’s slaying, allegedly at the hands of her husband, would be the 24th case of domestic violence homicide in Massachusetts this year, according to figures kept by nonprofit Jane Doe Inc.

Twenty-eight people have been killed.

The number of cases and deaths is up this year. There were 19 cases logged in all of 2016 (with 24 people killed) and 23 (with 26 people killed) in all of 2015, the organization said.

Oh yeah, why is this post called Law and Older?  Isabel, who is in law school, is also running this year, and that’s our team name.  We’re a fundraising team, but I think she just might be a little faster than me….

Please donate at  my Hot Chocolate Run fundraising page to keep me running and most of all to support Safe Passage.

And thank you!
All contributions are tax-deductible, and you’ll receive an emailed receipt immediately after you donate.

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