Amsterdam, Day 1, Arriving, Utrechtsestraat, A Brown Cafe


We packed liked madmen until 5:00ish on Tuesday, October 20, with our flight leaving at 9:20 PM.  Thankfully, traffic, the seedy parking lot in Revere, and the rest of getting to the gate went smoothly.  I had been going to bed between 8:00 and 9:30 for the prior few days, so I was very glad to put on my eye mask and ear plugs as soon as we got on the plane.  Jim had not been going to bed early and had a nasty cold, so he had a much harder time getting sleepy.  I was taking the homeopathic, Quietude, which helped immensely, with the initial going to sleep and the few times I woke up during the night.  It made sleeping on an airplane, which I usually can’t do, pretty easy.  There was a woman who was terribly, terribly sick on the plane, and I’m still, about 36 hours later, hoping she didn’t have ebola or even the flu!  So far, I’m just fighting Jim’s cold, but beating it with Coldcalm (another homeopathic).